710 Main Street - Oxford

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Terror House on Main Street - Oxford

On May 30th, the OPS Team investigated a local home/business in downtown Oxford. Their have been many claims of activity from voices being heard, footsteps, the feeling of not being alone, items being moved, people being touched and the apparition of a lady being seen. The history of this home deals with the occupant having met an untimely death. Many feel that she is still inside the home and that it is her that most of the reported claims are tied to.

We arrived on site around 8:00 pm to meet our host for the night. We received a quick tour of the location which now has been transformed into a haunted house for Halloween. Many of you may know this location as, “Terror-710 Main Street”. This place is spooky enough just walking through it. There are many hallways and rooms to get lost in and many of the special effects from Halloween are still on display inside.

We placed 5 stationary infrared cameras throughout the structure and outside as well. We kept the monitoring station outside on the back patio to limit contamination of the audio we would be recording. One of the outside cameras was placed so it recorded a second story window that has had many reports of a woman being seen in it even though it is covered up. We were told that this past Halloween, one of the local radio personalities even saw her in the upstairs window. We also learned that a little girl that lives next door has even asked about the woman she sees in the upstairs window. We swept the entire building with EMF meters and checked temperature readings before beginning our investigation.

The first team started investigating inside the house around 9:30. The heat was at times almost stifling inside the structure; it kept all of us from being able to stay inside for any great length of time. We rotated in and out about every 30-45 minutes. We placed audio recorders in a couple of locations and carried them with us as we moved around inside. Since this was on a busy roadway, we did not leave them in the house unattended due to all the sounds that might contaminate the files when we listened to them later during playback.

One of our members was upstairs in the “baby room” filming when he felt something brush the side of his hat where he had an OPS button pinned to the side of it. He looked around and could not find anything that might have hit his hat hanging from the ceiling. We are not sure what the cause of this was but we were unsuccessful in attempting to make it happen again that night. Could it have been a big bug flying around the room and hit his hat, we are not sure, he did not see anything nor did he catch anything on his camera. We took one of the OPS buttons and left it on the floor in that room the rest of the evening without any movement from the button.  

As the teams would rotate in and out of the building, we were listening to the audio recorders at the monitoring station while also watching the cameras. We were able to catch some EVP’s that night that we were able to share with the owner and staff. You can listen below to the audio files captured from that night so take a listen and decide for yourself on what you hear. This proved to be useful to the team as we could concentrate our efforts in those locations after listening to the evidence on site.

The only other occurrence we encountered that evening was a high emf spike coming from a pillow on a bed in an upstairs bedroom. We were unable to find any source to trace this high reading to. It would come and go throughout the night. We were unable to find any plugs or electrical outlets on the wall behind the bed and it was only emitting from the pillow area. Other than the evidence caught on the audio recorders, we were unable to find any other evidence from that location. Nothing was captured on any of the stationary or handheld cameras from that night.

The owner and his staff were great hosts and we wish to thank them for extending us an invitation to come out and allow us to try and help them capture evidence to support their claims. Make sure that you come out and visit Terror on Main Street this October for a scary wicked good time. The owners and staff promise to have new and exciting things in store for everyone. We really enjoyed our investigation here and hope to return this fall for a trip through the haunted house. OPS has been invited out to join everyone this Halloween in their adventure into the unknown, we hope to see you there.


Note: We also wish to thank John Green and the great folks at Papa John’s for providing pizza and wings to our location for this investigation. The food was awesome guys!!

Click on the video below to listen to this possible EVP caught in the upstairs room.

Click below to listen to this one caught in a room downstairs

Click on the picture below to listen