Carla Jones

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Birthplace; Anniston Al, October 27th

I have 2 daughters and 1 son. Shasta 18, Josh 17 and Harley 14

I am a gospel musician and singer. Most of my free time is spent with my children or at church. I absolutely love going on investigations with OPS. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Q & A with the OPS Team

1. What got you interested in ghosts and the paranormal world?

I cannot remember NOT being interested in the paranormal. It has always fascinated me. I know there is something out there, I'm just not sure what.

2. On a scale of 1-10, your belief in ghosts is? Why?

Ghosts? Hmm, I would have to say a 6. I have seen "something" before but I don't know if you would call it a ghost, it was definitely something I can't explain. It was there one minute and the next minute, it was gone. I HAVE heard unexplainable voices and I have witnessed objects moving on their own.

3. What is your top location for an investigation in the future?

I would have to say, The Birdcage Theater in Tombstone, Arizona. Any investigation in Tombstone would be awesome.

4. What would you say has been your favorite investigation to date?

I guess I would have to say Bald Rock Lodge at Cheaha State Park. Even though I had an unexpected experience. Ha-ha.

5. What piece(s) of equipment(s) is a must to use while on an investigation?

Digital Voice Recorders and Infrared Cameras. When used together, its easier to get to the bottom of something we may not could have explained at the time of our investigation..

6. What has been your favorite memory or experience with OPS so far?

I really enjoyed the tunnel at Sloss Furnaces. It was awesome. Each time I am with the team, I feel like I am with family. How could you not love these guys? Good times!

7. What is your favorite paranormal, ghost or scary movie of all time?

The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

8. What is your one must have food and drink combo for an investigation?

Either Diet Mountain Dew or Diet Mountain Dew Code Red, Reese cups and BBQ or hot potato chips. Oh, I like pork skins and Vienna sausages too. Ha-ha-ha.

9. What, in your mind, is the biggest stereotype facing Ghost Hunters today?

That you can't be a Christian and be interested in the paranormal. We should be the ones who are the most interested.

10. What is the one thing you hope to learn from your time invested with the OPS Team?

What's real and what's not.