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On Febuary 3rd, 2007 the OPS Team decided to go to a cemetery in Munford to check out reports of possible sitings of civil war soldiers. We arrived at the cemetery around 9:30 p.m.  We set up a infared camera aimed toward the back lower corner where everything has been supposedly sighted. After the setup the team begin doing evp work, taking digital pictures and also working the emf and thermometer/barometer meters. We split up into two teams, with the newest addition of the team, an investigator in traing, going with one of the other team members. We captured some mist in three different camera shots that we were unable to duplicate with our breath our a cigarette. We also caught some erie evp's on the recorders that seem to be centered around one grave. We finished our investigation around 12:30 p.m. 
 On February 23, 2007,  the OPS Team took another trip back to the cemetery in Munford. We arrived at the cemetery around 12:15 am and did a walk through with two teams. We took over one hundred fifty pictures with the digital cameras, we also did some evp work with two different recorders and took some temperature and emf readings. The majority of our time was concentrated on the lower back corner where there have been reported sightings of civil war soldiers, and also where we captured the strange mist in the pictures on our last visit. We were about to leave when two of the members started sensing a presence and hearing a noise around an iron gate. Upon trying to capture a picture in that exact moment with the digital camera, our nearly full batteries were instantly drained. With new batteries in place a couple of pictures were taken around the members at the area of the noise.  We ended the investigation sometime around 2:15 am.

This EVP was caught in the lower corner of the cemetery.

This EVP was about 15 minutes later in same area.

UPDATE: Both EVP's have been identified as an investigators voice, welcome
On Friday March 30th 2007, the Ops Team revisited the Munford Cemetery on a training session, with the bonus of once again being in the Munford community and also going back to one of our favorite sites. We decided to take two new possible members on an investigation to see if paranormal investigating might be something they would want to pursue. We arrived around 8:15 pm and set up one stationery night vision camera, early on by the Iron Gate where we heard the noise on February 23rd 2007, later by the chain link fence where the mist pictures have been taken. We also did some temperature, barometric, and humidity readings as well as Emf and Evp recordings. We captured two photos of mist, both near the spot of the last mist photo taken on February 3rd 2007 by the chain link fence. We also captured an audio recording that sounds interesting; we were not able to figure out exactly what is being said though. We finished our investigation around 1:00 am. Note: Yes we did have an animal encounter again, but of a small stature this time. Upon arrival we encountered a beagle running through the cemetery with an orange collar on, later that evening two members were witness to the big bad bunny rabbit!