Mark Hall

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OPS Founder

Birthplace: Seattle, Washington 1973
Grew up in the Alabama Sheriff's Boys Ranch; Selma, Alabama.
Married to Jennifer, a teacher at Munford Elementary. A beautiful daughter, Marlie Belle.
If I'm not working, you can find me at home with the family, fishing, playing football with my yellow lab Griffin, or going to see the family in Summerdale. I also write children books, but I still need an illustrator so if you can draw, we can get published! I am a Penn State Nittany Lion at heart and a Dallas Cowboy junkie!!
Q & A with the OPS Team

1. What got you interested in ghosts and the paranormal world?

I am such a skeptic when it comes to ghosts, probably the biggest skeptic on our team. With all the claims that are out there about ghosts and hauntings, it challenges me to search out that which may or may not truly exist. Ghosts, like Bigfoot and Loch Ness, can hold people in such a mystical state that they may actually be out there. 


2. On a scale of 1-10, your belief in ghosts is? Why?


I would say that I am probably a 2. I believe that there are some strange coincidences in our world but that most can be explained away with logic and science. 


3. What is your top location for an investigation in the future?


 My favorite place to go would have to be Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Between 46,000 and 51,000 Americans were casualties in that three-day battle.


4. What would you say has been your favorite investigation to date?


I really enjoyed our investigation at Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky. With all of the claims and stories of ghosts that surround the old TB Hospital/Asylum, and the sheer size of the structure, it was a blast investigating it for 8 hours overnight.


5. What piece(s) of equipment(s) is a must to use while on an investigation?


I would have to say there are six pieces of equipment that are a must have for a successful investigation, a must have for any hunter. A flashlight, a camera, a voice recorder, extra batteries, a person with you to witness that which you may encounter and permission to be on that location. 


6. What has been your favorite memory or experience with OPS so far?


Usually the crazy stuff like the police showing up or the team getting shot at happens on the nights I do not make that particular investigation, lol. I always joke with the team that it happened because I was not there to keep them inline. Getting together with the team on Friday nights is a blast though. 


7. What is your favorite paranormal, ghost or scary movie of all time?


My favorite movie would have to be "1408" with John Cusack. 


8. What is your one must have food and drink combo for an investigation?


I always take Mt. Dew and some type of peanuts, usually hot and spicy. 


9. What, in your mind, is the biggest stereotype facing Ghost Hunters today?


Society generally associates Ghosts Hunters with devil worshiping. The OPS Team tries to rule out every possible explanation of ghostly activity with science or logic before we will attempt to focus on a ghost or a haunting. 


10. What is the one thing you hope to learn from your time invested with the OPS Team?


Patience and the ability to look at every situation from a different perspective, to look beyond the obvious.