Private Residence Oxford 3 Revisit

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Case Evidence Review

Location:  Oxford - Private Residence (Re-visit)

Date and Time of Case:  June 19, 2010 - 8:00pm2:00am

Team Members:  6

Claims from Occupants:  Items falling, items being moved, footsteps, doors slamming, cigarette smoke, and a man and a woman’s voice calling out the occupant’s name.

Equipment Placement:  4 stationary cameras were used throughout the home. We placed one in the kitchen area, one in the living room area, one in the front hallway and one in the back bedroom. We also used a handheld camera every time a team rotated shifts into the home. 2 audio recorders were used with each team carrying one as they entered the home. The monitoring station was set up outside the home.

Investigation Findings:  At 10:25pm, we witnessed the back bedroom door close. This is the same door that the occupant’s said someone sounded like they were trying to open one night. Many things could have caused the door to close but we were unable to recreate the conditions that would cause it to close again while we were there. **See video clip below for the recorded footage of the door closing. Also, for the second straight visit, we captured what appears to be a voice. At 11:03pm, 3 investigators were in the back bedroom when they heard what sounded like a voice. The audio recorder did pick up the sound but we were unable to make it out.


**click on the picture below to play the video