Private Residence Oxford 4

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Case Evidence Review

Location:  Oxford - Private Residence (Re-visit)

Date and Time of Case:  August 14, 2010 - 9:00pm2:00am

Team Members:  5

Claims from Occupants:  A bathroom cabinet that was placed in the hallway during their recent remodel was moved the length of the 40 foot hall. Only two people were in the home when the cabinet was moved and neither one of them moved it. They witness shadows, hear footsteps and the doorbell rings without anyone ringing it. A male voice has called their name and the dog refuses to go into the living room or dining room. Also, the dog barks at one spot in the house every time it is near it.

Equipment Placement:  4 stationary cameras were used throughout the home. We placed one in the kitchen area, one in the living room area, one in the main hallway and one in the back bedroom. 3 audio recorders were used, one placed in the attic, one carried by each team as they entered the home and the other placed on a table between the living room and kitchen area. The monitoring station was placed outside the home.

Investigation Findings:  We rotated teams throughout the night inside the home. Each team had their own experiences that night. Some heard banging on the outside of the home while others heard what they described as voices and laughter. We reviewed the audio on site and did capture what sounded like voices. We did not capture anything on video. **Listen to the audio clip below for the noise captured that night.