Undisclosed Location

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Northeast Alabama

On Friday February 6, 2009 , the OPS Team was on location in Northeast Alabama . In this home, the owners have reported seeing apparitions in one of the bedrooms, hearing different voices and sounds from the same bedroom as well as from different parts of the property to just uneasy feelings that come and go. We were asked not to publish the names or location associated with this investigation.

OPS decided to add new members this year to our team. We accepted applications throughout the fall and winter months of 2008 and decided on four new members that we thought would represent the OPS Team in a professional manner as well as upholding our same values and beliefs. The OPS Team welcomed Shannon on his first investigation in the field on this Friday night.

We arrived on site around 7:30 pm to do our initial walk through with the owner as well as locating where we would be setting up the different cameras, recorders and the monitoring station. We used four stationary infrared cameras on this investigation. We placed one in the bedroom, one in the living room, and two outside on different shots of the property. We used different meters, (EMF, K-2, Temperature and Humidity), to try and detect anomalies, handheld and digital cameras and video recorders as well as trying out our new DVR we have just purchased. We set up the monitoring station outside underneath a carport to keep it a safe distance from the home so that sound and voices would not interfere with the audio that we would be recording.

Two members entered the home around 9:30 to conduct an EVP Session in the bedroom while three members monitored the camera images being recorded on the DVR while the other two members walked the outside property with an EMF Meter and handheld video camera. Reports from the owner suggested that uneasy feelings come from the old abandoned chicken house that sits on the property so they also spent time in there. We took turns rotating teams between the home, the monitoring station and the surrounding property.

NOTE: Around 11:30 pm , the investigation was interrupted and cut short by other members of the owners’ family showing up on site to see what was happening on the property. The entire family had not been included in the decision to allow a group into the home and on the property and we were asked to leave until they could further discuss the situation and see if they would like to proceed with us returning to help them capture evidence or debunk any and all claims. We told them that we understood and we apologized for the misunderstanding and the intrusion into their home and lives. We hope to return to help them in the future. Upon reviewing all of the evidence from this case, we were unable to capture anything on any of the audio or video equipment in the short time we were on site. However, right before we were asked to leave, two team members, along with the owner, were in the bedroom and the EMF meter was detecting anomalies in the room in every direction it was aimed. Different teams had been inside the bedroom throughout the investigation with no results from the EMF meters. This was an experience we had never witnessed before with this equipment. We hope to make it back if possible.