Bald Rock Lodge

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     On Friday, June 12th, the OPS Team returned to Bald Rock lodge, atop Mt. Cheaha, to investigate reports from their staff of strange sounds and occurrences that happen there. Many of the staff believe that one of the old workers that worked at the park for years and has passed on is still around and tries to talk and interact with them on a frequent basis when they are at the lodge. This is the third visit for the OPS Team to Bald Rock lodge. We have found that on every trip we seem to arrive in the middle of a storm brewing and it wreaks havoc on our investigation, especially on our audio. This night was no exception.

     We arrived around 7:15 pm to set up our equipment and to make sure every thing was in place and all rooms, inside and out, were unlocked so we could have full access to the structure. We took 6 team members on this investigation and we set the monitoring station up inside the dining hall, next to the kitchen. We placed four infrared cameras inside the structure along with digital audio recorders to capture any movement or sound we might encounter that evening. One camera was placed in the downstairs hallway while one camera was placed in the upstairs hallway, both of these cameras were aimed to capture all the doors leading into the bedrooms. We placed another camera facing the fireplace doors and the door leading out to the patio from the living room and the final camera was placed inside the dining hall covering all the doors leading out onto the patio.

     We were about to start our investigation around 9:30 pm when we lost power due to the storm that night. The lodge has back up power through their generators which was great for us and kept the night from being a total lost. There was only one catch to the back up power though, while the lodge is utilizing the generators for emergency power, no lights could be turned off at their switches, that is the way their emergency system is programmed.

     We did about 90 percent of our investigation with the lights on that night. We did conduct some EVP sessions along with some ITC sessions as well. We are still flirting with the ITC type of investigating but we are still unsure of the results its yields.

     We really did not have much happen that night while we were there, no personal experiences were had either. Our cameras did act up a bit but we are not certain that it wasn’t the light in the hallways interfering with the infrared sensors in the cameras. These cameras are designed to work at their best in total darkness so with the emergency lights being on, the cameras kept switching back and forth from light available mode to dark mode.

     One team member was asking questions and asked that her questions be answered with the cameras switching back and forth and for a few of her questions, they coincided with the camera switching from light to no light mode. The power did come back on before we finished our investigation and we had no more mishaps with our cameras. We finished our investigation around 3:00 am. We did not recover anything from our evidence that we could say was of the paranormal realm.