Cemetery Mt.

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Cemetery Mountain

The OPS Team decided to check out this location to identify if the claims of the old man and his dog were true and to also see if we might be able to locate the old church. We have visited this location on four separate occasions taking over three hundred pictures, doing EVP work and walking the entire mountain looking for any sign of the old man or his dog. We have not found anything in our evidence and have still been unable to locate the church that holds the book on the podium. On one trip, one of the OPS members was with a family member in their car and when they arrived the car was surrounded by dogs that would not allow them to get out of the vehicle. They both said the dogs never barked or wagged their tales, they just followed the car every where it went on the road through the cemetery and up the mountain. We would still like to locate the church and try the story of the book and the podium. If you know where this church is please contact us with the information.