Conn Cemetery

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Conn Cemetery

   On Friday, April 20th, the OPS Team decided to continue its investigations into the folklore that Alabama has such a claim to. We traveled to Gallant Alabama, near Atalla and Gadsden, to a cemetery that is supposedly filled with children that come out and play in the night hours. The team arrived at the site around 7:45 pm and started setting up equipment. Two infrared cameras were used; one captured the large area of graves where most of the children have been buried, while the other was set to record an area where a mysterious green light had been reported to us. While the cameras and recorders were being placed, a couple of team members were doing the initial temperature, Emf, barometric and humidity readings and also placing digital and analog voice recorders in different areas to capture EVP’s. The six team members broke up into three teams and begun the investigation. While filming with a handheld night vision camera and taking temp readings, it was found that in one area that the temperature was always colder at this certain tombstone, as much as ten to fifteen degrees than the surrounding air or ground temp. The temp at the grave was in the thirties while the air and surrounding ground temps were reading in the high forties and low fifties. It is in this area that a strange EVP was caught.
NOTE: We did find a jacket draped over the tombstone of the grave that had such a discrepancy in temp readings. At another grave a couple of members were talking and asking questions. One question that was asked was that if the lady buried there could hear them, could she move the flowers on the grave. Both team members noted that the flowers did move and neither can recall a breeze or wind. There was a lot of noise in the cemetery; from homes being nearby to the dogs’ continuously barking, this made our investigation challenging when it came to distinguishing noises and different lights. We took many pictures with the digital cameras; nothing was revealed other than the occasional orb that was determined to be dust or pollen. We did find moths and lightning bugs on the film upon review. The investigation was interrupted around 11:30 pm by gunshots being fired in the air. For the safety of all the team members, the investigation was deemed over at this point. 
NOTE: We’d also like to share our animal encounters, as if that should come as any surprise to you. When we first arrived on the scene, a few of us witnessed a black cat run across the cemetery, and a couple opossums in “heat” rudely introduced themselves near our base setup. One member chased a green light for a few moments thinking he was witnessing a green light only to find out he was chasing a lightning bug. As always, thanks for joining us in our endeavors into the paranormal, we appreciate your continued support.


EVP of unexplained sound, you will hear the sound right after an investigator says that she is getting a headache.


Video one Look closely and you will see a bat flying by.

Video two Object flying behind Deborah's head.


Orb, Dust, ???