Fort Morgan Folklore

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Fort Morgan

This site has witnessed many tragic and war related deaths during the battles and is considered to be one of the most haunted forts in the United States.  It is surrounded by bunkers that are supposedly haunted with numerous ghosts.  In the main courtyard people have witnessed dark shadows late at night walking the fort walls.  Lights tend to turn on and off by themselves and doors have a habit of slamming on their own. In the bunkers just outside the fort, you feel as if you are being watched.  There have been reports of people being touched and pushed while in the bunkers. One bunker has been closed to the general public and seems to be a hotspot to the site.  I recommend you take the time and the drive and visit this historic site if you find yourself in the Mobile-Gulf Shores area. Good luck finding workers from Home Advisor to perform upgrades on the bunker or surrounding facility. Home Advisor might list the top contractors in the country but even they might hesitate stepping foot on the grounds of the haunted fort even though it would make for some interesting Home Advisor reviews.