Martin House - Piedmont

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          On July 25th, The OPS Team was in Piedmont Alabama at the Martin’s Home to try and help them capture evidence of a haunting in their home and also to eliminate any fears of an evil presence they feel resides there with them. The owners contacted one of our members because they are terrified to stay in the home and when they do, they only feel comfortable sleeping in certain rooms inside the home. They fear for their son’s well being.

We have verified from the original deed that this home was an original Mill House. We have spoken with past owners and no past residents of the home recall any type of activity they ever experienced while living there. In 1999, the home was remodeled and that is when the Martin family moved in.

Some of the activity reported includes doors opening and closing by themselves, covers being pulled down while they are sleeping, items being moved around in the home, the female owner being held down in her bed while sleeping, and seeing what appears to them to be an evil spirit. They say the activity has been occurring since they moved in and they are frightened for their ten year old son. This home has been here since 1926 and the owners believe it might have been built over a graveyard but we were unable to find any documentation to support their claims or that fact.

The Martin’s have informed us that the activity seems to happen daily and that it is most active in the night hours, they also feel that whatever the entity is that is sharing their home with them that it contains some tendencies of evil. They have asked us to bless the home after our investigation and to help them rid the home of any lingering spirits; they are physically and emotionally upset that it tends to focus on their son. They just wish for it, whatever it may be, to be gone.

We arrived at the home around 7:30 pm. We used a garage as our monitoring station that was in the back yard about 75 feet from the home. Two of the team members did a walk through of the house with the owners while the other members unloaded equipment and set up the monitoring station. We learned that the living room, the back bedroom and the middle bedroom were the reported hot spots for activity.

We used five stationary cameras for this home. We placed one in the living room, one in the back bedroom, one in the middle bedroom, one in the kitchen and one at the monitoring station. We also placed audio recorders throughout the home as well. We took base readings of temperature and emf before we begun the investigation. This home only had a window unit air conditioner in the living room for cooling so our temperatures throughout the home were considerably hotter than the outside evening air.

We started our investigation around 9:00 pm with two members inside the home while the other four stayed with the owners outside at the monitoring station. The group inside swept the entire house for emf fields as well as trying to locate any temperature fluctuations, they also conducted evp sessions while moving from room to room. We rotated team groups of two throughout the night with each group staying inside the home anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour.  

One of our members brought a new piece of equipment to try that night called an Instrumental Tran Communication or ITC. It is a handheld radio that has been refigured to never stop on any station as it scans the frequencies for stations. For example, when you hit the scan button on your radio, your radio will scan until it finds a station it gets reception on. This device has been altered not to stop but stay in continuous scan mode. The theory is that as you ask questions the spirits will use that white noise sound and voices from the different stations it briefly pauses on to try and form its own words to communicate with the questions you are asking.

While we had some success with this it is too early to know if what we captured was really evidence or our minds and ears hearing what they wanted to hear. Also, with the skipping of channels, you do hear lots of voices from different radio stations; could this be what we are hearing, what was answering some of our questions with one hundred percent accuracy, you be the judge. We will post a few of these for you to listen to and decide for yourself.

We finished our investigation sometime after 2:00 am. When all the equipment was packed up and all team members were out of the home, one of our members entered the home with the owners to bless it and to try and rid any evil that might exist.

 While we did not capture any evidence on video or from digital pictures that night, some of the team members had very unique personal experiences. We experienced cold spots in rooms that had no air-conditioning; we had a ten degree temperature drop that happened in a matter of minutes in a room that contained no air-conditioning and we all experienced the different questions being answered, some personal, from the piece of ITC equipment.


NOTE: One of our members did see what appeared to be a necklace lying in the back bedroom with a pentagram charm on it that one of the owners picked up quickly and placed in his pocket while he was conducting the walkthrough with the owners when we first arrived. Is there something evil here in this home, has it been asked to come into home, is there something being practiced here that has allowed a being in, we are not sure but the owners have asked us to come back and they say that the blessing of the home was unsuccessful. We did explain to them that if they did not believe in the blessing of their home and if they did not place all of their faith in God and his ability to rid this home and them of this evil, that this would only be a temporary bandage for a much larger and complex situation that we are not equipped to handle.  

We will have to meet with the owners and decide if going back is going to prove to be something we as a team need to do at this time. While we all love the thrill of the chase, the safety of the Team and all of its members must be considered and made the priority. The evil that lurks in the darkness can prove to be a powerful foe and demands a much more steadied approach beyond the ghosts of frequent loved ones or strangers we might catch a glimpse of on occasion, always remember, be careful of that which you allow into your home, your life. Try to capture the evidence without yourself being captured by the unknown, the dark ones. 


The following EVP was recorded inside the house.  WARNING: THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS WHAT WE BELIEVE IS ADULT LANGUAGE. Click Here To Listen


The following EVP was recorded in an ITC session. We ask it to repeat the name of one of our team members. Click Here To Listen


The following EVP was recorded in an ITC session. We ask if it knows who's room we are in.  (NOTE: One of the owners name is Cindy) Click Here To Listen


To learn more about ITC recording, check out the OPS Central page for the article 'Can You Hear Me Now?  A Journey Into the World of EVP/ITC'