Private Residence - Munford

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     On Friday, August 14th, the Ops Team was in Munford Alabama for an investigation at a private residence. We arrived at 8:00 pm on site and talked with the owner and listened to her stories and reports of possible activity in and around her home. Some of the claims she reported to us are full bodied apparitions, dark shadow figures and voices calling her name. Upon talking with her neighbor on the day of the investigation, the neighbor did tell her that she has seen a white figure looking out of her front window and the front door on numerous occasions. The owner also informed us that there has been no activity in the last few months.

     OPS also welcomed Julie Daniels, (a new member in training), on her first case with OPS. Welcome Julie Daniels to The OPS Team!

     The owner decided to spend the night away from her home while we conducted our investigation that night. We set up the monitoring station on the outside of the home, on the side of the structure, about 30-40 feet away to keep from contaminating any of our audio or video evidence we might capture. We placed 3 infrared cameras throughout the home and digital audio recorders throughout the house as well. One camera was placed in the front living room, another was placed in the hallway and the last camera was placed in the kitchen area.

     We swept the entire house and grounds with EMF, temperature and humidity meters for base readings before we started conducting our investigation. We did notice that the power lines near the street elevated the EMF readings for the entire property and structure, but they were considerably low and we encountered no EMF spikes in our sweeps that night.

     Teams rotated in and out of the home investigating the hot spots and performing EVP sessions throughout the night. A sound was heard by three different team members that night that sounded like a battery powered air freshener unit. Maybe it could have come from the ceiling fans as the power surged a few times hat night causing the fans to pause and restart, either way, we were unable to trace the source to any location or object. Upon talking with the owner over the next couple of days after the investigation, she informed us that she has never heard that sound and that she did not have a battery powered air freshener. Our audio recorders did not pick up the sound.

     We did not capture anything of significance that evening on video. A reflection was seen a few times by different team members during the night but was later determined to be a passing cars headlight. The light would enter in through a side window, reflect off of an object in one room and then show on the living room wall. Other then the sound and the light reflecting, it was a very quiet night for the OPS Team. We were unable to come up with any solid evidence or leads for the owner from that evening. The owner has invited us to come back at a later time and see if maybe that might yield better results from her and our team.