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2 Way Radio, Three Way Function

Okay, so we have all seen the paranormal shows on television where different groups scour the night time hours in all types of structures in search of the elusive ghost. These groups are as diverse as the equipment they bring to each investigation. Three pieces of equipment I want to share with you about today is the K2 meter, the motion detector light and the two way radio.

In the past couple of years we have seen one group introduce and promote the K2 meter, they highly back this piece of equipment. This group has had success with this piece of equipment on almost every investigation they use it on. Groups use the K2 meter during EVP Sessions by asking questions to the entity they are attempting to communicate with and having those questions answered by the lights in the tip of the K2 meter lighting up in sequence in response to the questions.

Another piece of equipment we have seen groups use with some success is the motion detector light. The sensor, located on the front of the motion detector device, activates the lighting mechanism inside the device when the path of the sensor has been disturbed or interrupted by movement. Many groups have claimed to have witnessed or captured movement, either by their own eyes or on video, due to the motion detector lighting up while performing an investigation. Some groups use motion detector’s on an investigation to aid in the capture of movement.

Most groups use two way radio’s to communicate with other team members when setting up or breaking down equipment, to find all team members at once when maybe you have just witnessed paranormal evidence and you need to make sure it was not a fellow team member or just to ensure all team members safety. We always carry two way radio’s on every investigation.

While using and testing the K2 meter, we have found that by also using the two way radio, the K2 meter can be activated by pushing the talk button on the two way radio. This happened on every instance we tried to use each both on an investigation. We also found this to be the case with the motion detector lights as well. Each time the push to talk button was activated, the lights would activate on the detectors. The only differences were with range of the devices being activated. The K2 meter could be activated from anywhere inside the structure we were investigation while the motion detector’s range was maybe twenty feet.

At this time, OPS has decided not to use either pieces of equipment on investigations due to their faulty nature. We will continue to test these pieces of equipment as well as looking at some of the other pieces we use on investigations. While it was not our intention to discover the disappointing equipment failures, we are excited we were able to uncover these facts.

Mark Hall