OPS Central - A Collection of Unknowns

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A Collection of Unknowns

I sit staring at the red wall, the books I have read lining the bookshelf, the computer at its idle pace, the lamp barely lighting the little corner I call the home office. I find myself up at all times of the night morn, attempting to catch a glimpse of a stranger that might wish to call my location of rest time its reoccurring journey. I found myself awakened in the middle of a dream the night before, my dog barking at some creature of the dark. It was during this time slot that I thought about the possibility of being able to use the animals’ high perception of sense to aid in the search and hunt of the unknown beings. My other thought as of recent, when the energy is not drained suddenly from my camera batteries during an investigation, my headlamp nor my flashlight seems to never suffer the same fate.  Voice recorders also seem to continue their process of detection, so an entity using the energy present to allow it self the ability to show or talk, I have to assume that may not always be the normal. I also wish to take a moment to comment on the light, the energy, the orb. I am not sold solely on the orb that presents itself so freely in most digital photos. I believe the pictures should be taken at the same time with a digital camera but also a film loaded camera being its twin. I do believe in orbs, just not the multitude of light shows we film on every investigation. So the team is made up of individuals, they discuss the plan, they seek the info and resources necessary to find themselves embedded in the situation that best yields results of evidence of the afterlife, the world of ghosts. The true believer, the believer in training, the gadget and technology trained, the sensitive, and the skeptic, the team, we are OPS.
                                                                                           Mark Hall