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In Depth With The Hunter

       So I was watching a movie the other day about ventriloquism and how in the early days people thought it was some sort of demon possession, witchcraft or a ghost attempting to speak from the belly of a person still here among the living. It got me to thinking about how far we have come as a society in our thoughts, growth and acceptance of new ideas and being open to the new breed of hunters.    
       Now I have always been very skeptical of my ability to ever witness an apparition, to be touched by energy from beyond, or to capture that true voice on a piece of audio equipment that would convince me of beings-ghosts, that live among us but hide from our view. The team still searches out that which eludes us but with each investigation my skepticism seems to grow ever more slightly.
       If you ask me today, I will give you the same answer I gave two years ago when we started OPS, I want to believe, I want to see, I want to feel, I want to hear and have my own personal experiences with the paranormal. Has it ever happened to me, not yet, not never. Will it ever happen to me, will the team finally unearth that almost extinct creature and capture evidence which proves their existence and provides insight and truth into that which lends doubt?
       So the team got to talking this week and we did some idea generating and one of the great things that came across was that of getting back to the roots of investigating when we all first started. Getting out into the field for the next few investigations with just the basics, a flashlight, an audio recorder, a digital camera and a camcorder, spending more time with EVP sessions and attempting to double the amount of still digital photos we take on an investigation. With up to an hour or more for set up and break down of the video cameras, computer, cable running and unpacking and packing the truck, we miss that amount of time on investigations. With most evidence being captured on audio equipment or digital cameras, we thought this might be the best method to reclaim our energy for the unknown.
       Whether you have been at this for years or you are just starting out, don't forget the reason that got you into the field of Ghost Hunting/Chasing, the need for answers and the willingness to go beyond conventional thinking to acquire them. We all question our motives and our devotion to this habitat of darkness from time to time, but we have to continue to move forward and grow our group, grow the field. We must make those hesitant of what they see, hear or feel, more comfortable and assured of their decision to come forward with their experience(s).
       After all, we are here to help those that need our assistance, those that are truly frightened of the side of life we refer to as paranormal. We are here also to try and assist  those already on the other side that might need help with closure, we are not here for our personal gain, exposure or accolades.
       Be the Hunter, be the Chaser, be the Skeptic, but above all, become the mind that searches for answers with a scientific explanation. Find proof that cannot be questioned or doubted and find in your team, within you, the unwillingness to compromise your findings for that is what all others will judge you and your team by, your truth, your morals, you!! 
                                                                            Mark Hall