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Lights Out - written by Mark Hall

       So here is my thinking as of late. There are many theories about going “lights out” on investigations. The biggest thought would be that it is supposed to aid your ability to see an entity due to it being able to manifest itself easier in total darkness. An entity will draw or drain energy from a source and the amount needed in total darkness is much less, which in theory should allow the entity the ability to make itself visible to us if it wishes. I understand this thought process and agree with its principle but I also subscribe to the thought that just maybe we are not truly hunting in a normal everyday environment that is a familiar pattern for the spirit we are trying to locate and document when we go lights out. When people witness these beings, they have seen or felt the presence regardless if the lights are on or off which makes me think that we are attempting to capture evidence in a non normal setting when we are on a case. Now I understand that television has made this practice very popular with the new breed of hunter that is attempting to capture evidence but I think we still have to push ourselves and challenge what we are doing to even further our cause and not settle for what we see on television or hear from others as absolute truth. I support the idea that with each investigation we find ourselves on that we should approach each one differently and always vary our approach and techniques. Will this aid our team in the quest of the paranormal, no one knows with certainty but it will teach us to think outside conventional wisdom and practices and to search for truth of those things that maybe are not paranormal, those things that can be explained with science and testing methods of debunking. If the paranormal is out there it will be the last path our team will choose to travel to obtain the answer in which we search. To believe is to understand, recognize, test, know, and inform; we are not only here to educate and learn but to survive and preserve as well.