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Mt. Cemetary


“Dogs, Lights, Cameras… Action!?”

Written by Kevin Woodrow

CASE: Cemetery Mountain

DATE: 01 - 09 - 07

INVESTIGATORS: Lance, Dewey, Mark, Kevin


There is a plot of land near Munford known locally as “Cemetery Mountain”. It is called this due to the fact that throughout the woods in that area lie various grave sites, some dating into the 1800’s. Over the years there have been several reported ghost sightings around this cemetery. The most famous, however, seems to be the legend of an old hunter and his lost dog.

The story is told that a long time ago, an old hunter’s dog went missing in these woods, and another hunter accidentally shot and killed the dog thinking it was a deer. The old man, however, never knew what had happened to his canine companion. It is said that about a month later the old man passed away.

Reportedly, some time later, a couple of hunters were in those woods when they came across a wounded dog. They knelt down beside it to try to help the animal, and as they were doing so an old man approached them. He asked if they had seen his missing dog. Obviously, the two men said “yes” as they looked back down towards the dog, but when they did they noticed the dog was gone. And, when they looked up at the man… you guessed it… he was gone as well.

Other ghostly sightings of a dog have also been seen, as well as red eyes seen just a couple of feet off the ground in the darkness.


The OPS team’s story began a couple of weeks ago. Two of our investigator’s, Dewey and Mark, decided to take a drive up to “Cemetery Mountain” during the day to scope out the area. Their trip ended quickly, however, as a pack of wild dogs came out of the woods at the cemetery and wouldn’t allow them to get out of the truck. Both investigators said the whole ordeal was little eerie, as the dogs never barked, but were very threatening. Now, this was by no means paranormal activity, but that didn’t help either one of the guys feel any better about it.

Last night, though, the whole team decided to make the drive up to “Cemetery Mountain” and conduct a quick investigation at the site. We arrived at the cemetery at around 1AM. We broke up into two teams: Mark and Dewey sweeping one area of the site, and Lance and I checking out another area. We took tons of digital photos and did EVP work throughout the area. While we were in the woods, though, nothing out of the ordinary was seen or heard. Nothing out of the ordinary, that is, but that is where things got a little more interesting for myself.

Keep in mind, at this point in time, I had no knowledge of the dogs that Mark and Dewey had run into a few weeks earlier (at that time I was not with OPS, and no one had filled me in). So, Lance and I were walking around in the woods snapping photos, and every now and then (obviously) we would hear a snapping twig or something like that. I mean, come on, in the woods you’re going to hear stuff like that. All of the sudden, though, Lance looks over at me and says, “Man, every time I hear a noise out here I think of those dogs that Mark and Dewey saw.”

My response, as you can probably guess was, “What dogs?”.

Lance then proceeded to tell me the whole story, which was the worst possible thing I could have heard at that particular moment. He should have lied to me! When I asked, “What dogs?”, Lance should have said, “Oh, these cute little puppies that they found up here a few weeks ago.” Now, that would have been a better response. Did I get that response? No. I got the truth. Thanks a lot, Lance.

So now, just like “Honest“ Lance, every sound I hear now… every snapping twig, every crumpling leaf, every rustling bush… sounds to me like a wild, rabid, demon dog trying to sneak up behind me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t act like it bothered me. I kept on working just like I was before, but in my mind… I was being hunted. The imagination is a powerful thing, my friends.

Our quick sweep of the area concluding shortly there after with plenty of pictures to look over, a good bit of audio to inspect, and zero dog bites. We stood around the truck for a while afterwards, talking about what we had accomplished during the course of the night and roughly planning our next outing. Then, suddenly, something caught my eye. Looking towards where Lance and I had been just few minutes earlier, I saw a bright light near the top of the trees, and it suddenly fell straight to the ground. It caught me off guard, and I was trying to tell the other guys what I had seen. I got the feeling that they thought I was trying to trick them, but I was dead serious. I had just seen something I could not explain. A light at the top of the trees had just, apparently, landed right where some graves were in the woods.

My next few minutes were spent trying to convince them of what I had seen, and trying to rationalize everything myself - trying to come up with some explanation for what I had seen. If only someone else could have seen it.

Then, seconds later, right in the clear sky above us, we all saw a falling star. I looked back towards where I had seen my mystery light and realized that I could see the starry sky a little through the trees. My mysterious light’s secret had been revealed just as quickly as it had been created. It was nothing more than a falling star that I seen through the trees.

Now, what if we hadn’t seen the other falling star? Or, better yet, what if I had been up there alone when I saw that light? If I had been alone, I may have convinced myself that I had just witnessed a spirit returning to it’s grave in the middle of the night. This is why it’s very important to realize just how powerful the mind can be.

I truly believe there are things out there, paranormal in nature, that we may never be able to fully understand, but what I witnessed last night falls into the “explainable file“.

On the other hand, if I had let my “mind” do all the work for me last night on “Cemetery Mountain”, those woods would have been infested with invisible demon dogs protecting a grave while a soul returned back to earth from above.

Until next time,