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The Hippie, the Surfer, the Thug, the Civil War Soldier and the Antebellum Clad

Okay, so I have been doing some thinking this past week and even discussing this topic with some of the team members, while we have not come up with any definitive answer, we believe there might be a pattern that surrounds our vision of the ghost world.
            I asked myself why there always seems to be stories of ghosts in Civil War garments or antebellum period type clothing but never the rogue ghost in the tye-dyed shirt, the surfer in the Hawaiian shorts or maybe even the thug trying to camera jack your favorite digital. I do not have an answer for this and have refrained from doing any research on this topic assuming someone has even considered doing studies on the eye sight of the visible apparition capturers.
I am beginning to think that maybe with each story told the fuel is further added to the fire and people believe their story might gain acceptance and be viewed as reliable if it conforms to every other sighting. While our minds, ears and eyes can lead us to believe we hear or see different objects or sounds, something deep within us also usually tells us that we are experiencing a mere natural occurrence, maybe a shadow from a passing light or a house settling or a slight breeze rustling nature outside.
While I was talking with another team member this week, he mentioned that you never see Egyptian ghosts and we even go as far as to raid their places of burial. We were talking about how you never see ghosts from that period because of their culture and how they prepare themselves for death and the afterlife. It reminded me of a book I read recently. The author was being led around the city where she was studying haunted locations, by an Indian. He informed her that you rarely see an Indian ghost because they prepare for death and the spirit world.
            So that was my thoughts for now, I hope you enjoyed the read. If you have any thoughts or ideas on the subject send us an email and give us your opinion. As always, thanks for your continued support of what we do, actnhero out!!!      Mark