Peerless Saloon

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Anniston, Alabama

         On Sunday, April 27th, the OPS Team was on locatioln to investigate a business in downtown Anniston. The Peerless Salon owners were gracious enough to allow us inside for the night to try and either confirm or deny claims by former and current owners and employees that the site is haunted by a lady they see who appears in early 1900‘s style clothing. Other claims are that there are feelings of being watched or not feeling alone when there is just the one person present and also cold feelings experienced by different people. There are claims that in the early 1900’s, there used to be a brothel here and the lady seen is the actual madam that managed that brothel.

         The team arrived and met the owners around 8:00 pm and started setting up equipment. We used three stationary cameras, two camcorders, three audio recorders, and four motion sensors. We also learned that on the second floor there was a ladder that led up to a loft that was once was used as sleeping quarters. The monitoring station was set up downstairs and was manned all night by a team member to watch for any movement or strange occurrences. We started our investigation around 8:30 pm.
        We had two teams with two members on each team. We started the initial walk through doing base readings for temperature, EMF and also barometric conditions. After base readings were completed the teams went to different floors to start conducting EVP sessions and also to check for EMF spikes or temperature fluctuations. Throughout the night, there was no readings out of the normal on the temperature meters and only one significant spike on the EMF meter that was traced back to a breaker box upstairs in a small room. It was very hot inside the Peerless that night and also raining outside which littered the audio we recorded with the sounds of dripping water.
        There were several personal experiences had by some of the members that night. Two of the members thought they saw movement of a shadow at the same exact place at the bar on the second floor but at different times. While an EVP session was being conducted on the second floor, another member kept hearing movement around him but was unable to find the source of those sounds. But the biggest thing that happened that night was caught on video and also seen by a team member at the monitoring station.
        While watching the different cameras on the monitoring station screen, one of the team members noticed the cord running upstairs to our stationary camera moved. After sharing this with the team, every attempt was made to recreate the movement of the cord but we were unsuccessful at doing so. The cord did not move again that night. Upon watching this on video a few days later, another piece of evidence was caught shortly after the movement of the cord, about 16 seconds after that.
        We noticed that in the playback of the video recorded that night, 16 seconds after the cord moving, there also appears to be a light source or a formation of an image on the wall. After looking at it from every angle we decided to make a return trip to the Peerless to see if we could locate that source by being in the same environment once again. There is no reflective surface for light to reflect from on that part of the wall. We did notice that the same source creating the formation on the wall was also seen in a reflection in a picture hanging above the stairs and also seen above the bar as well at the same exact moment the formation was seen on the wall.
        Everything that we captured that night happened within 15 minutes of each other. We sent the two video clips containing our evidence from that night to another group that has been investigating for over thirty years and they were very excited about what we were able to capture and want to use it to show other groups. The owners of the Peerless were also excited as well about the video clips. We are hoping to make a return visit for another investigation with a television crew to try and capture and document more evidence.
        Can we say with no doubt that the Peerless is haunted, probably not, but we did capture some evidence that night that we have not been able to explain, which really gets us excited about getting into that old structure once again. Make sure you stop in and visit the Peerless Salon and its staff and enjoy what it has to offer in entertaining as well as the grand old history this site boasts. Who knows, maybe you will catch a glimpse of “the lady of the night”.

Click on the image below to play the video of the object recorded on the 2nd floor.

Click on the image below to play the video of our power cord moving.

Click on the image below to find out more about the Peerless Saloon