Peerless Saloon Revisit

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Case Evidence Review

Location:  Anniston – Peerless Saloon (Re-visit)

Date and Time of Case:  August 22, 2010 - 7:00pm1:00am

Team Members:  5

Claims from Occupants:  The current location has expanded and now occupies its original space and has taken over the adjacent building as well.  New claims have been reported and shared with us. Most of the new claims take place in the new section of the business with reports of pots and pans banging in the kitchen area, sounds of plates and pans falling on the floor only to find everything is in its place, and the door alarm sounding even though the door remains closed. The owners feel that the back stairs in the new area and the kitchen in the new area are the active hot spots for activity.

Equipment Placement:  4 stationary cameras were used throughout the business. We placed one at the top and bottom of the staircase we captured movement on our last visit. We placed a camera in the kitchen in the new area and one on the staircase in the new area. 2 audio recorders were used, one placed in the kitchen in the new area and one carried by each team as they rotated throughout the structure. The monitoring station was placed inside the business on the bottom floor.

Investigation Findings:  We were unable to capture any evidence on video or audio. Any audio we might have captured was contaminated by the person they have allowed to live upstairs in the new section. The owners failed to inform us of their tenant living on the premises prior to our arrival and he was there the entire evening watching television and moving around. Team members did hear what sounded like shuffling in the new area downstairs twice that night. It sounded like someone dragging their feet when they took steps. It came from the hallway that leads to the staircase in the new area. At the times it took place, there were no team members present and the tenant was upstairs. We did not capture it on the audio.