Private Residence - Cropwell, AL

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                On April 10th, the OPS Team was in Cropwell Alabama to investigate paranormal claims from the home owners.  The current home sits on the former location of a large plantation style home. The owners informed us that they have witnessed apparitions inside the home as well as on the outside. Upon returning home on different occasions, the owners have also noticed objects that have been moved  to the living room floor such as a sink stopper from their kitchen sink and a picture of the daughter. They have also heard voices in the home and objects falling to the floor only they are unable to find the fallen objects when they look for them.

                Our team arrived on location around 8pm. A couple of our team members interviewed the owners while the rest of the team set up the monitoring station outside the home. After the interview was complete, we took the information we gathered and used it to place our cameras and audio recorders as well as decide where we would spend the most amount of time during the investigation.

                We decided to use four cameras on this investigation. We placed one camera in the living room where the items had been moved to and placed on the floor, one facing the hallway, one in the kitchen and one outside facing the tree where an apparition had been witnessed. We also utilized 3 audio recorders on this investigation. One was placed in the basement, one was placed in the kids bedroom and the third was used by the team throughout the night for EVP sessions. EMF sweeps of the home showed no activity upon our arrival nor any high energy fields at that time. 

                We had clear skies that evening with an arrival temperature of 53 degrees outside but dipped in the forties by our departing time. Inside the home the temp stayed constant at 71 degrees. Humidity ranged from 70-75 percent inside. 

                At 8:30 we started investigating the home and the outside areas. We broke up into two teams, one team inside conducting EVP sessions and sweeps of the home while the other team stayed at the monitoring station watching the monitor and searching for any unusual activity outside. Each team rotated positions throughout the night.

                After reviewing the evidence, we really did not capture anything on the video recorder that night other than the incident we encountered with our K-2 meter. We are still playing around with the K-2 meter and we are still not sold on this piece of equipment because of its unusual tendency to go off by radio frequencies and who knows what else can set this meter off. The meter started going off right after one of the team members said that if nothing was going to happen soon that we were packing up and going home. It also happened one other time when the same team member said they were ready to leave again, roughly ten seconds after the first time. We were unable to trace the source and it did not happen again.

                We had multiple hits on the audio recorders that evening.  One sound that was heard by two team members sounded as if an animal was close by screeching, the audio recorder picked it up. They were unable to find its location and they heard it only once. A couple of team members also heard what sounded like someone mumbling and a popping sound, it was also captured on the audio recorder. Upon reviewing the evidence on the digital audio recorders, we are still uncertain what any of the sounds might be or could be traced back to.
                All in all, it was a very quiet night, even the owners commented on how still and quiet everything seemed. We had no unusual EMF signals during the investigation nor any unusual temperature readings, just a cold, quiet night. We wrapped up our investigation sometime after 1 am.




To see the video of the EMF meter going off click on the picture below.