Private Residence Haleyville

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       We were referred another case from GHOTS out of Mobile, which is the Taps family member in Alabama, on June 20th. This case is from a family in Haleyville Alabama which are reporting activity in their home since they moved in back in December 2007. The father and mother feel as if the activity is centered around their ten month old son.

       Some of the activity that has been reported in this home are strange voices, the toilet flushing on its own, different sounds such as a baby crying, coughing, and doors slamming.

       Their has been a report of a physical touching where the husband woke up and had scratches on his side and did not know where they came from. The home owners have stated that all the activity does happen at night. They have also noted that when their son spends the night away from the home that they experience no activity.

        We arrived in Haleyville around 7:30 pm after a lengthy drive of two and a half hours. We took four team members on this trip since the location was a smaller home. Two of the members toured the home with the owners and learned of the supposed active spots they have had experiences at while the other two members set up the equipment. We used five stationary cameras on this investigation. We set up three inside of the home, one outside positioned on two trees they feel contribute to some feelings of uneasiness when they are out in the yard near them and the last one recording the monitoring station and team members.

        We started investigating the home around 9:00 pm. Two members started on the inside of the home sweeping the entire area with the EMF meters and thermometers while two members stayed outside to monitor the cameras. The teams rotated inside the home about every hour performing EVP sessions and looking for or feeling for any strange activity or anomalies.

        The first team did experience some strange sounds coming from the living room area that also shares space with the kitchen and dining room. While inside, they heard tapping sounds that they were able to trace to the refrigerator. The only time this sound was able to be heard was while the compressor on the refrigerator was running.

        The home owners did accompany the teams inside the home at different times to aid in the EVP sessions. While in the living room area, the husband was asking questions and at times he did receive tapping sounds that were almost in response to his questions. Now some of the sounds did sound like they were coming from a window, almost like a bug hitting a screen on a window, but not all the sounds were alike. We were unable to track down where the other sounds were coming from.  

        While we were there, we did not experience any activity nor did any team member have any personal experiences. The home owner did share an audio recording they had recorded one night in the home's hallway. They said what they heard on it was sounds of a child playing, a door slam, a toilet flush and something breaking. We were not able to substantiate this recording nor dismiss it. All we can confirm is that something was on the recorder that sounded odd.

         The owners were looking for answers and above all wanted to make sure that whatever entity might exist in their home with them was not harmful to their child nor themselves. We wrapped up our investigation around 2:00 am. Before leaving we had a team member bless the home and also left the owners with information and a prayer to say if they ever feel threatened or frightened by a presence again.

       After reviewing all of the evidence, we were unable to capture anything from the hours of video we recorded, nor did we find anything on any of the digital pictures we took that night. We did find two pieces of questionable audio that are included below for you to listen to and decipher for yourself. We wish to thank the owners for having us out and for allowing us to try and help them capture proof of a spirit sharing their home. The home owners have been in contact with us since our time with them and we are happy to report that they said all has been quiet as of late.


Click below to listen to the audio.

Click below to listen to the audio.