Private Residence Oxford 3

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     On May 15th, the OPS Team was on location in our own backyard. We were invited out to conduct an investigation at a home in downtown Oxford. The occupants moved into the rental property in November 2009. They claim that most of the activity they are experiencing occurs between the hours of 9 pm and 4 am. Some of the claims that they are reporting to us are, items falling and being moved, footsteps being heard, doors slamming, the smell of cigarette smoke in the home and also what they believe are the sounds of a man’s and woman’s voice calling their names.

     We arrived on location around 8:00 pm that night to conduct our initial walk through of the home. Two team members went inside to meet with the occupants while the rest of our team stayed outside to set up the equipment and monitoring station. During the walk through and interview, we learned that activity is still happening. We asked them to show us some of the locations that we need to focus our equipment and attention on for the night; the hot spots of activity.

     We set the monitoring station up out in the driveway as far from the home as possible to prevent contaminating our evidence. Inside, we set up 4 cameras throughout the home. Camera 1 was aimed in the direction of the living room. Camera 2 was aimed at the kitchen. Camera 3 was aimed at the hallway and camera 4 was directed towards the dining room.

     We used 3 digital audio recorders on this investigation. One recorder was placed in the window opening between the kitchen and the living room. The second recorder was placed in the hallway while the third recorder was used for EVP sessions and the ITC session.

     At 9:15 pm we turned out all the lights and started our investigation. We let the cameras record for a while before the first group entered the home at 10:05 pm. Once inside, they heard a couple of odd sounds, one from outside and one coming from the kitchen that they believed was the ice maker in the refrigerator. After their time inside they came out and told the team and occupants what they had heard and experienced. We then learned that the ice maker was broken so it could be ruled out as the noise from that location. The noise was captured on a digital audio recorder and there is an EVP present at the end of that noise. The K2 meter alerted them 4 times while they were inside in 3 different rooms with a very strong signal. They were unable to trace it to any source though.

     The second team entered the home at 10:50 pm. They also heard some noises while inside and again one of them came from the kitchen area. They described it as a shuffling noise but the audio recorders did not pick it up. The K2 meter went off 3 separate times in two different rooms while they were inside. Again the source could not be detected or found. The team ruled out some of the sounds as normal sounds associated with a home settling in the night due to the change in temps.

     At midnight, we sent the occupants into the home with normal conditions to try and create an atmosphere that they themselves are used to as well as any other being that might co-inhabit the structure. We sent a team in with them as well to sit and talk with them. As they were explaining their claims, the K2 meter went off. One of the occupants saw it and said, "Hey, is that ____", (which is the name the person she thinks is the spirit), and the KII meter went off again with the strongest reading for several seconds right after she says the name. It is the strongest hit seen on this meter other than an electrical power source reading we have ever witnessed. *We are still in the experimental phase with the K2 meter so we do not rely on it heavily for evidence or results.

     At 1:00 am, we decide to try an ITC session. This is a piece of equipment we are still experimenting as well and are not 100% sure of the results we receive, but it can be very interesting at times. It is basically using white noise and allowing an entity to channel their voice with the aid of the noise and energy. Several words were heard by all, but on review, the team members could have been mistaken on what they heard exactly. One of the investigators names was clearly said during the session though. *This is for information purposes only, we do not rely on ITC sessions for capturing evidence as of yet.

     The final group of the night entered the home around 2:00 am. At this time, the home seemed very quiet. Nothing else happened that night and we ended the investigation around 3:00 am.

     Upon reviewing all of our evidence, we captured nothing on the video cameras that night. We did, however, capture 1 unidentified voice on the digital audio recorder and many hits on the K2 meter. With such little evidence captured, we have rescheduled a return visit for June. Please revisit this case soon with us.

Click on the picture below to see a couple of the KII hits from this night.