Undisclosed Location in Oxford-Revisit

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Oxford, Alabama

        On May 9th, the OPS Team revisited a location from last year. On our previous investigation, the team found a piece on one of the audio files that we were unable to explain. The home owners name as well as one of our team members name was heard on the audio during our review of the evidence. While we were not able to make out the voice as one of our own, we could not, with one hundred percent certainty, rule out that it might have been a team member, one of the home owners or their guests.     
        We arrived at 9:00 pm to do a walk through with the home owners and hear any activity they have experienced since our last visit. We learned that one of the owners had seen a little girl in her bedroom earlier this year. The home owners were present during the investigation and would be sleeping in that bedroom while we were there so that room was off limits for video recording, however, we were allowed to leave an audio recorder in the bedroom.
        We placed stationary cameras throughout the home with our main focus being on the upstairs in and near the bedroom that the voices were captured in on our previous 
investigation. We also placed audio recorders with every camera as well. We had five team members present for this investigation. We had two teams of two with the odd member watching the monitor and also recording video of the actual investigation with a handheld night vision camcorder.
        The first team went to the upstairs bedroom first to do initial base reading sweeps for emf, temperature, barometric and also to start conducting an evp session. The second team stayed at the monitoring station to watch for any movement on the cameras. There was a lot of noise that night coming from the street out front which made it difficult at times to know if we were going to be able to capture any evidence from the home. The audio was contaminated with the sounds of vehicles going by, music blaring and people talking. We did not find anything on the audio or video files from that evening.
        We did notice that at the top of the stairs where we found the high emf spike from the last visit, it was still there and still high but we were unable to find its source. We all feel it must be coming from maybe some of the older wiring in the home that runs underneath the stairs. We finished our investigation around 1:00 am. We are grateful to the home owners for allowing us back to try and help them capture evidence of the activity they had been experiencing. Again we wish to thank the homeowners for opening up their home to us and thanks to all of you for joining us on our latest investigation.