Sorrel Weed House - Savannah, Georgia

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Sorrel Weed House Investigation

Savannah Georgia


On February 29th, the OPS Team visited Savannah to perform an investigation on the Sorrel Weed House. This house was built in 1840 and is a popular site for haunted ghost tours as well as hosting paranormal groups. The basement and the outside carriage house seem to be the two hot spots for activity for the owner, the guide that does the tours in the evening as well as Taps when they visited for an investigation.

We arrived on site at 11:30 pm to start our investigation; we had to wait until the last tour was finished for the night. We actually got to enter the house and have our own tour and explanation of the activity that has been witnessed here sometime close to midnight. We then did a quick overview of where we thought the best place might be to set up the equipment.

We set up four stationary infrared cameras throughout the house. We placed the first camera on the first floor in the parlor where the chandelier supposedly moves about and apparitions have been seen near the big mirror close to the fire place. We placed the second camera in the basement near the spot the guide said he always stands during the tours and where the pictures have caught the apparitions in the photos with him. We placed the third camera in the courtyard where visitors have said they have seen the apparition of a lady walking in old antebellum clothing. The fourth and final camera was placed in the carriage house covering the entire upstairs. The carriage house seems to be the place where all the voices have been caught during EVP sessions. The guide also explained that one of the doors in the carriage house opens and closes on its own.

We did our initial walk through to check base readings. We received high EMF spikes from the courtyard as well as off the chart readings from within the carriage house. The guide stayed with us for a couple of hours after we started the investigation to see if maybe we would be able to capture some evidence with him there. We took a bunch of photos with him in each one and also had him assist some in the EVP sessions.

We broke up into teams to cover the house and spent time in each location conducting EVP sessions, recording with night vision camcorders and taking hundreds of still digital photos. We spent five hours inside the structure before we called it a night. While none of the team members had any personal experiences that night, just being in Savannah in a home that old was a great feeling.

We wish to thank the owner and the tour guide at the Sorrel Weed House. The owner was kind enough to open the house to us for the entire night to investigate. The guide could have left as soon as he was finished with his last tour but stayed with us long enough to at least try and aid us in capturing evidence for them. Savannah is a wonderful town and it is a direct reflection of its residents. Thanks for your continued support.

Note: Click on the link below to view all of our photos from our Savannah trip.

Savannah Trip

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