Personal Residence

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     On January 18th, the OPS Team was in Sylacauga Alabama undertaking an investigation it had received from another group out of Mobile that is a TAPS Family Member. We were happy to help out the home owners as well as the group that passed this along.
      The family has reported claims such as smelling foul odors in the mother's room that they have been unable to trace to a source, the oldest son has heard a conversation in the dining room/kitchen area that lasted for about five minutes that eventually turned into an argument, they have heard a baby crying, a child laughing and the aunt witnessed a small boy looking out the front window, doors also open and close on their own. the family has witnessed activity here and have had many personal experiences they shared with us.
      We arrived on location around 7:45 pm to meet with the owners and here some of their stories and claims first hand while they showed us the places of the supposed activity. Most of the experiences seem to be centered around one central location, the living room where the family spends most of their time watching television. We decided that most of our effort and equipment would be focused on the living area.
      We started setting up equipment around 8:30 after the family decided to leave us in the home to ourselves. We set up three infrared stationary cameras in different areas of the living area to try and capture some sort of evidence. One was focused on the corner where a rocking chair was sitting. There have been reports of the sounds of rocking coming from that corner. The second was on the hallway from the dining room into the living room showing a clear shot of the back of the couch which seems to be a very active place for the family. The third was placed in the library facing into the general living room area. The fourth camera was placed in the basement. We were unable to film or investigate the mother's bedroom on this trip.
      We placed four different audio devices around the home, two in the living room, one in the basement and one in the kitchen. We received constant readings on the EMF meters and temperature meters throughout the night other then the extreme readings we recorded when we discovered a breaker box in the basement that was giving off an emf field too high for our meters to read. Both the meters we tried went off the scale when we got near the breaker box. The main wire that ran out of this box ran under the house and was giving off the same reading. The box was located directly under the master bedroom. The wire ran under the main hallway of the house as far as we could tell, we really couldn't see where it went after that.
      We conducted EVP sessions in the living area and the basement and also placed a toy in the floor with a camera shot on it in attempts to maybe entice a child to play with it. It never moved while we were there or on camera footage later when we reviewed the evidence. We took over 200 hundred pictures with the digital cameras,and also had two handheld night shot camcorders going throughout the night as well. We did have to cut the investigation short that night due to bad weather entering the area, the entire state.
      We packed up the equipment and left around 12:00 am when it started sleeting rain and ice since we had an hour drive home. The owners were very understanding and we are trying to work out a return visit with them so we can get a full 6-8 hours of investigating completed. We have reviewed all of the evidence for that night and found nothing on video or in any of the digital still shots. We have however found an EVP that we thought was interesting, take  listen and see what you hear. As always, thanks for stopping by and showing your support by reading over the cases, we hope this one will have a conclusion soon.