Undisclosed Location in Anniston

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Anniston, Alabama

        On May 17th, the OPS Team was on location in Anniston to conduct an investigation into activity that has been reported at an office that was at one time a home. We learned that this home was built back in 1942. We were asked not to include the location of this investigation or to refer to it by its well known name either in our reports, videos or audio files due to the sensitive nature of the work involved on site.
        There have been many claims of activity since the 1980's surrounding this structure. The first story told to us was about a small girl that was seen by a gentleman living in the house then with his family. He claimed to be home by himself and taking a nap on the couch downstairs, he woke up and looked at the stairs and saw a little girl walking up the stairs. He followed but was unable to find anyone in the home. There have been numerous claims of items being moved around on desks, items being taken and returned the next day, fingernail polish being opened up and brushed on the walls throughout the building, shadowy figures being seen at times, kitchen cabinets being opened up after someone leaves the kitchen then returns and a map being ripped off of the wall. Needless to say, we were excited to get inside and spend some time finding answers to some of the reported claims of activity experienced here.
        We arrived at 8:00 pm and started setting up the equipment. We used five stationary cameras for this investigation, four audio recorders, and two handheld night vision camcorders. We set up the monitoring station in an adjacent building on the property to limit contamination on the audio equipment. We walked through and got base readings around 9:00 pm and broke up into teams to start the investigation.
        We conducted evp sessions near the staircase where the little girl was reportedly seen, in the office where the items have been removed and replaced the next day, in the kitchen and also upstairs where no activity has ever been reported. One of our members has been flirting with the idea that a spirit will spend most of its time in a location that has never had activity reported so we ourselves have been spending more time in those places as well while we are on location.
        While we were excited to get into this location we also were ready to see if we could disprove any of the claims. Right off, we did find that while most of the kitchen cabinets were closed tight and remained that way after opening and closing them, a few of the doors when closed would open back up by themselves though. We noticed that there is outside lighting entering the building from every side and through every window which might easily explain some of the shadow figures that have been seen on occasion. We also noticed that headlights can strike the building from every angle as well since it is surrounded by roads. 
        We were unable to witness anything being moved on the desks and we did bring along fingernail polish for our little girl to play with but again we were unable to entice her to come out. We also found a storm shelter underneath the building that we placed a handheld camcorder in to record activity but was unable to capture anything. Talking to some of the employees that have worked inside this building for years, we learned that they themselves had never witnessed any activity but knew all the stories that have come to make this site haunted to some. We cannot say it is or isn't haunted, we just were unable to capture any evidence that night, that one night, those six hours. What is the chance of having our equipment in the exact location at the exact time, you would have to have luck on your side each investigation to capture or witness activity.
        No members of our team had any personal experiences and we did not find anything on the video or audio recorded from that night. We appreciate the opportunity of spending the evening on site and also the hospitality extended to us by the couple that spent the evening with us, and a special thanks to the entire staff for having us out.  
        Note: We learned after our visit that a modern fire alarm system is in the process of being installed in the building. Monday, May 19th, the workers were removing the old registers that allows air to circulate through out the building. When they removed the cover over the airway between the upstairs and downstairs adjacent to the stairway where the little girl was seen, they found some interesting items. Inside the duct work they found girls hair barrettes and ribbons that had been sealed there for many years.