Cemetery Mountain Folklore | Where Horror Movies and Sci-Fi MMO Games are Real Life Experiences

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Cemetery Mountain

Munford - Cemetery Mountain, - Cemetery Mountain has a lot of stories. It gets its name from the numerous cemeteries’ that are located on it. Some of the tombstones date back to the late 1890's early 1900's. An old man lived alone with is dog on Cemetery Mountain, and during hunting season, he took the dog out with him. It is said that other hunters thought the dog was a deer and killed the dog. The old man never found his dog. It is also said the old man died soon after. THIS IS NOT A MYTH!!! One day some hunters were on the mountain hunting when they heard a shot, and came upon a black lab still alive. They bent down to check on the dog and when they stood back up and looked around and they saw this old man. The old man asked them if they had seen his dog. The hunters said yes and turned to point but the dog was gone. When the hunters turned back around the guy was gone too! Other strange things have happened are, red eyes about 1-foot of the ground, people think they are imps or goblins. There is also an old church in the woods with a book on the podium. You can pick the book up but it starts to get heavier as you try to walk out with it. Before you get to do, the book becomes so heavy you can't leave with it. It is rumored to be copy of the devils bible. Satanic rituals have also been rumored to be held there. Cemetery Mountain, with its large amount of estranged cemeteries, clustered with weeds and overgrowth, may seem like the perfect place to shoot a horror movie or a place to create Sci-Fi, paranormal MMO games after. That is because these many lores and stories have been manifested many times over by many witnesses throughout the past. It is, as much as you can get, a real-life horror movie within it's self, no actors involved.