OPS Central - Within the Boundaries

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Within the Boundaries

Be not afraid of those found not within the manifest, but in the great spirit of kindred ship, shall the darkness turn to light. What once was human still exists, not as humans in the word sense, but as forms of energy, light granted for those of us to witness their journey on this earth. We all shall too one day perish, leaving behind a body void of its life, but in all hopes giving others here purpose and the ability to reason with the legacy we have parted with. We search out those that no longer speak for themselves, we consume valuable amounts of time and energy to aid those now in waiting, wishing to find their path home. We are the hope seeking out the lost. We are forever surrounded by the dead walking; the uneasy souls which refuse to give up their hold on reality. We beckon their communication, their recognition of us as hunters; we are here to help, to ease that which frightens them - the unknown.