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 In 2006 the OPS Team banded together in the group's quest to either prove or disprove paranormal activity and the ghosts that surround it. While we did not officially start accepting cases until January 2007, we were very hard at work in 2006 training ourselves as well as our team members on our goals, our beliefs, our equipment and how we would approach each case with the knowledge that what we were investigating may not exist. We investigated family and friends homes, barns, shops, workplaces and even spent time in local cemetaries and buildings that were abandoned just to try and get the experience we felt we needed to give clients a professional team atmosphere. It is our goal now to try and learn more with each investigation, to keep growing the team and expand our boundaries to aid those in need of our talents. The day we stop growing and learning as a team, will be the day we all walk away from this hobby, this way of life we now know!!


While it might be a fun and even innocent in your intentions to investigate any structure you feel might have the possibility of paranormal activity, we strongly urge you to seek permission for any location(s) you or your team wish to investigate. Trespassing is a criminal offense and punishable by law so take the time to find an owner and secure permission, your night will be more exciting and your mind will be at ease since you won't be looking over your shoulder the entire time wondering who is going to catch you and how you might explain what in the world you are doing. When you have permission to be in a place, that is one less thing your mind is thinking about and the creepy-spooky factor is cut in half because the fear of being caught has vanished. Good luck Hunters!!

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Personal Residence - Oxford - Oct. 2007

Personal Residence - Downtown Oxford - Sept. 2007

Personal Residence - Calhoun County - Aug. 2007

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky - Aug. 2007

Sloss Furnaces - Birmingham - Aug. 2007

Mt. Cheaha - Bald Rock Lodge - May 2007

Personal Property Calhoun County - July 2007

Conn Cemetery - Apr. 2007

Residence Talladega County - Mar. 2007

The Foundry - Feb. 2007

Cemetery Mountain - Feb. 2007

Munford Cemetery - Feb. 2007

The Barn - Feb. 2007

Hell's Gate Bridge - Jan. 2007

Fort McClellan - Jan. 2007